Appeal to Americans

Appeal to Americans

Murder by “V-man”

I´ve been in prison since 1995 for murder in two cases. I was sentenced for life. 

On the evidence, police and justice where involved together with “V-men” in both murders. I hope for a retrial to prove my innocence.

What is a “V-men”?

“V-men” are not official “undercover agents”! In Germany the different law enforcement institutions (from police-officers up to the highest courts of the nation) are employing police-recorded drug-dealer´s as snitches, (called: “V-men”). The business of a V-man is to collect information in the drug-scene and to give evidence on other drug-dealers. V-men have the right to act like big-criminals and to deal drugs by themselves.

The result for this nonsense is: Police recorded criminals protected by the state with extra-rights and privileged information, are leading the drug-market without risks or competition. In the name of the law the police, prosecutors, judges and even politicians profit from the drug-business. The city of Bamberg (in Bavaria) was under the reign of a drug addicted major Paul Röhner from 1982 - 1994 in order to support their cover.

Drug-addicted US-soldiers:

Even since the first Iraq-mission (under Bush sr.) many US-soldiers have come  back home and can´t deal with their experiences of war. To be a brave soldier is not the guarantee for invulnerability of the soul. So a lot of ex-service-men are addicted to drugs. Also, the consequences are crime for the procurement of drugs, or even addicts killing their own wife and kids in absolute desperation.


The awareness of Americans for drugs is based on TV- crime-series in a low quality of puppet-theatre. Police-officers are playing heroes with super-abilities. On the other hand drug-addicts always are portrayed as disgusting criminals.


Afghanistan is one the main-area of cultivation for poppy (the raw-material of heroin). Without big problems, and in only a few days, pure heroin is smuggled via Eastern-Europe (Russia) or southeastern Europe to Germany. Moving drugs from Germany to the USA is child´s play.


In September 2014 “Europol” started the mission “Archimedes”. It´s point is to investigate organized crime. Police-organizations of all 28 memberstates of the European-community - and police of USA, Australia, Norway, Serbia, Colombo and Switzerland (all together 20.000 Police-officers) participated.

1.027 suspects and criminals have been arrested.

All together were confiscated:

599 kilos cocaine, 200 kilos heroin and 1.3 tons marihuana. It was the biggest mission in Europe against organized crime ever.

Although Germany has the highest purchasing-power for drugs, the German police could just confiscate 2 Kilos heroin only.

Anyway it´s a special quality by Germany, the state is not investigating against the own law enfor-cement agencies. Not at all against successful friends who knows how to do illegal business.


For the investigation of my own case, the internet was very useful. Many concerned people got in contact with me, to clear up the facts of my case.

Now it is my intention to find US-soldiers (or ex-soldiers) or maybe concerned families – who want to contribute to investigating the heroin-trafficking by Germans to the American army who are stationed in army-bases here in Germany.


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